A family owned business which offers a WIDE variety of spa services!

Located in one of Sudbury’s century buildings; right in the heart of downtown Sudbury. 

The amazing staff prides themselves on outstanding service and make sure you have a wonderful time when you visit, and ensure you leave with a smile!

Unlike traditional spas we have a blues, jazz, acoustic, and traditional spa mixed playlist which has been carefully selected by the  staff & regular clientele.

Contrary to most spas they have loungewear instead of robes available for spa days from sizes small to extra large to allow you to sit throughout the spa in a relaxed fashion.

While they don’t consider themselves a luxurious resort spa (afterall they are in urban downtown Sudbury), they do however use top notch luxurious products for all of their services to ensure you have the best spa treatments possible.


If your looking for the most beautiful lashes, amazing manicures & pedicures,  lovely nail extensions, knowledgeable & experienced massage therapy treatments, luxurious feeling facials, professional & experienced body contouring & laser treatments, lifestyle & competitive coaching Serendipity is definitely the place for you!

146 Durham St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3M7